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Introduction of common types of shade nets

Shade nets are widely used in agricultural production, which greatly promotes the growth of crops, so how to divide the types of shade nets? At present, the shading rate of commonly used shading nets is between 25% and 70%. If you want to further increase the shading rate, you can cover one more layer, such as two or three layers. The shading rate is greatly increased, of course, the cost is relatively higher. . The usual width of the shade net is 90cm, 150cm, 250cm, 700cm, 900cm and so on. There are meshes arranged evenly and densely. Colors include: black, white, silver gray, fruit green, yellow and silver gray. There are two types of shading nets used in production, which are 35% -55% and 45% -63%.

See how the shade net responds to hot summer flowers

Appropriate light intensity and temperature are necessary conditions for plant growth. In general, the stronger the price of sunshade nets, the higher the temperature. In order for plants to be safe for the summer, tradeoffs and tradeoffs can only be made between temperature and light intensity. Usually choose to increase the shade, and reduce the temperature by increasing the shade or the number of layers of the shade net. For example, the production of Impatiens in New Guinea generally does not require shade or only a layer of silver shade nets of 50%, but in the high temperature season of summer, an additional layer or even two layers of shade nets are needed to reduce the temperature.

What affects the shading rate of the shade net

There are two main aspects that affect the shading rate of the shading net: 1. Color and thickness of sunshade mesh: The larger the wire diameter of the shade net, the greater the shading rate. Similarly, the darker the color, the higher the shading rate. The same weaving density, because the color and thickness are different, the shading rate will also have errors. When choosing a shading net, users should choose a net with a corresponding shading rate according to the planting requirements.

Develop ecological vegetables, and use bird-proof nets to prevent sparrows from pecking

Develop ecological vegetables, use bird-proof nets to prevent sparrows from pecking, and more than 100 acres of farmland in Nanwangzhuang Village have started ecological agriculture, planting organic vegetables with zero pesticides and fertilizers. Vegetable farmers invite the guidance of technical personnel to solve the problem of vegetable growth by starting with the three major factors of insufficient soil fertility, insect pests and grass disasters.




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